Executive Coaching


The three-focus systems™ for the executive..

Taking the same systems, we use for athlete coaching; executive coaching is meant to take you to the next level in your career. By following the same method but altered and customized for you, the busy career professional; this program will enable you to get focused, plan accurately for your career goals, maintain a healthy lifestyle, control emotions and stress, create a visualization for where you want your career to go, and get you feeling organized in every area of your life.

Taking the same techniques, we use for athletes but altering them for your life and career; you'll have more energy, feel better prepared for important deadlines and meetings, become highly intuitive in making decisions, and become more confident in your self-worth to pursue your highest aspirations. Getting you organized, maintaining a mental practice daily, and discovering who you are, unlocks more potential in you that you might have never known. This program is not only meant to make your life simpler* but to enhance it in every way.

Your life is crazy enough. Maintaining a coach who is available for 24/7 support and accountability helps to ease the pressures you’re currently experiencing. Whatever the case may be; going through a transition, helping relieve stressors or getting you clear-headed and focused; a performance coach is there to help make life a little simpler while also helping you to accomplish more than you thought possible.



Michelle is simply put a great coach. She goes above and beyond for her clients and is extremely personable. I am very happy and grateful to have her support. I have been through a tough time deciding what I wanted my career and life to look like. I have very big ambitions and lofty goals and needed someone to help me plan my path towards those goals and stay focused. Michelle has helped me implement daily routines, keep me in check, and encouraged me to take bold steps. She will always make time for her clients and one of the best things about her is that she treats their goals as if they were her own.

-Cyril Nader
Engineer at a San Fransisco Tech Startup, Masters Degree from UCLA Aerospace Engineer-Controls and Robotics, Cofounder of Primehop

Working with Michelle as my life coach has transformed my life in such a positive way. When I first started working with Michelle, I was confused as to what I wanted for my life. I was constantly stressed out about things such as finances, my career, my relationships, and everything else that life has to offer. After, having meetings with Michelle, I had so much more clarity on the direction I wanted to take my life. I was able to set clear, relationships, and personal goals. I am constantly challenged to find my better self and am genuinely more happy in my everyday. Michelle is a great coach an amazing person. I highly recommend anybody to work with her if you want to get the most out of your career, relationship’s, and life.

-Erik Crittenden
Former Professional Basketball Player, Instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp, Coach

If you’re looking for someone who’s going to hold you with all the loving accountability, tenacity and determination to achieve your goals and beyond, you’ve found that in Michelle. Everyday she inspires me to keep going, to trust and hold passion for where I’m at whilst consciously creating my future. I couldn’t think of a more powerful example of holding your vision so clearly there’s literally no other option but to call it in. I’m grateful and humbled to have her as a part of my life.

-Mia Louise
Spiritual Empowerment Coach

Michelle has been coaching me for the past six months, and she is amazing! She has picked up on so many limiting beliefs of mine and where I am self-sabotaging and called them out. Michelle is an incredible coach I highly recommend her to everyone; she has coached me on my business, my life, and my athletic training. I am training for some things right now, and I needed that, and I am so lucky I get to work with her because she coaches professional athletes. I am honored to work with her; she is worth every penny.

-Skye Gallagher
Entrepreneur, Online Business and Marketing Coach

Michelle is awesome and inspiring! I just finished the 90-day program with Michelle and have an entirely new, positive outlook on my present-self and the better version of me I'm continuing to work toward!

When I started my journey with Michelle, I already had fairly healthy eating habits in place and did some kind of exercise every day... but I was feeling lost, stressed, tired, and unsure of my life's direction. After just a couple of weeks working Michelle, my mindset changed toward food - "my fuel for a healthy and fulfilling life" - but even my attitude toward behaviors that I didn't realize were holding me back. With Michelle's inspiration and encouragement, we developed long-lasting and simple techniques that have helped me on a daily basis to feel confident and happy!

These last 90 days have opened me up to new experiences and given me the strength to work toward the most meaningful goals in my life! Michelle understands, compassionate, loving, and encouraging... she made it easy and comfortable to open up and really dig deep to find the root to things I thought were holding me back. Her program isn't just a new diet and work out plan, it's building on small steps to enable you to have a new, positive, and deserving lifestyle that comes naturally! As Michelle always says, "Small hinges swing big doors!"

I have a completely different emotional, physical, and spiritual outlook on life that I owe to teaming with Michelle. I highly recommend Michelle and her life/health coaching to anyone looking for a small change to someone in need of a complete overhaul!

-Megan Brown
Southwest Regional Manager at V&A Consulting Engineers, Inc.

I'll be blunt: If you have a chance to work with Michelle, DO IT. Over the course of her 90-day program, I've managed to change my eating habits, develop a consistent exercise/yoga routine, and take the steps needed toward self-acceptance and self-love. I never thought I would reach the point where I am now: not only am I eating better and feeling healthier, but I have a more positive outlook on life and am beginning to tackle those dreams that, as a mom, I'd put aside for so long. 

Michelle is warm, funny, kind, and knows when to push me. Her support has enabled me to make the changes in my life that I'd wanted for so long but have never been able to do. She's incredibly knowledgable and supportive, answering my many questions with patience and encouragement, listening to me when I need to vent, and helping me work through my dietary ups and downs. The beauty of working with Michelle is that it's all about lasting change, building healthy habits, and discovering more about what gives you joy in life so that those habits have a chance of sticking around. This is just what I needed, and I'm so glad I got a chance to work with her! She's a total inspiration.

-Dejah Beauchamp
Entrepreneur, Writer, Mother

I appreciate that Michelle considers the whole person, setting goals that address more than one type of wellness.  Other people had approached me with programs focused on "fixing" my shape and I never took them up on it because I don’t think of myself as a shape.  I am a whole person, who needs lifestyle changes and daily behaviors that help me and support my goals.  Michelle's program does that, without being pushy or overly segmented.  It is a cohesive program, with applicability to all parts of my life.  The program is a reflection of her values and her life's path; participating in her program made me feel challenged and more positive in many aspects of my life.  

-Stephanie Graham
Business Information Analyst - Samaritan Health Plans at Samaritan Health Services