Our Mission...

We are a coaching business dedicated to coming from a place of service, not only to our clients but to the people of this world. Every system we implement a portion goes back to charities to help restore our societies and inspire our clients to have an altruistic mindset.  

Our mission is to influence, guide, and equip individuals with the most comprehensive tools and skill sets to become the best version of themselves in every aspect of their life. We are committed to helping our clients create a new threshold and attain their true peak performance in all that they do.

blazen systems...


Is owned and operated by Michelle Blasen. Her drive in creating Blazen Systems is to embody a business that specializes in helping athletes achieve their highest performance goals on and off the court/field. Her passion is assisting athletes in realizing they each have a unique gift other than what they are currently "identified" as and to help them not only reach their career goals but have them feeling prepared for life after the game. She thrives on believing in her clients 100% and seeing her clients excel using their gifts to their full advantage. 

Early Life...

Michelle was born and raised in the small town of Albany, Oregon. It was here she discovered at the mere age of five her passion for soccer. Michelle started her career at six years old competing and training year around with F.C. Willamette (now known as Willamette United). At a young age, she knew soccer could give her a better future, and to reach her dream of playing professional she had to commit 100% of herself to the sport. By age 12 Michelle was committing to practice everyday and traveling for weekend tournaments in Oregon, Washington, and Canada. She started to train with men's leagues to gain a purposful skill set, was invited to play with elder teams, and continued challenging herself to get better anyway she could to reach her goals. 
In high-school she received the varsity athletic award all three years she attended, All-Conference Award, All Star Award, and finished high-school a year early to move alone and start playing at Santa Barbara City College. Here she began training with the Men's and Woman's teams with her eyes set on playing for the Women's National Team. 2016 would have been the year for her to do that, but unfortunately, that dream was cut short two weeks before official college tryouts due to a career-ending knee injury in 2009. 

Just turned 18 and in a blink of an eye her career was over, and as so many other athletes have experienced, she felt lost and incomplete. Not having anyone to turn to or any preparation for dealing with such a matter, Michelle dealt with severe depression and self-identity issues. By always being identified as a soccer player and giving her life to the sport she saw becoming professional as her only option. Once the injury occurred, she was left alone to understand who she was and what else she had to offer.



With her unique experiences and past, Michelle is equipped with helping people of many different backgrounds. Being that she's been through and understands many life situations as well as personal development transitions, she believes a life coach not only should have some form of training but real life experiences. Her personal life experiences range from being apart of a divorced family, being her own at 16, living broke and homeless, coping with depression and dealing with constant pain and injury, using the nightlife culture as an escape, failed relationships, and everything in between. She understands the grit of discovering who you are and starting over, the discouragement of dabbling in numerous career paths, and the strength it takes to climb back up from rock bottom.

Through many life intermissions and lessons in discovering how to understand who you are, it all finally started coming together for her when she began a career in the health, fitness, and coaching industry. After years of personal training and life coaching, she discovered her niche which ultimately led her to follow her intuition of moving to L.A. to pursue her vision of creating a larger platform to serve others.

At 28 she left her regular jobs to go full-time in creating Blazen Systems. Her confidence and belief system in herself gave her the leap of faith to be bold in creating a new concept and be comfortable in a new world of unfamiliarity. 

vision & Why...

Michelle has always had the vision to work with athletes being that she has always been one on some level and can relate to what one most experiences. She believes there is a need for more support for athletes, especially ones just entering a professional career to help with the numerous amounts of transitions and pressures.

She works with both male and female athletes but believes there is a substantial opportunity for a female's perspective and coaching style in male sports especially since the industry is primarily male-dominated.

Michelle's “why” for creating her own coaching company is to help change how athletes are perceived and the amount philanthropic work she wants to see done. She believes we are all here to serve one another and when you have the resources or platform to help others, it is part of your responsibility to do so. She believes athletes have an opportunity to impact younger generations in a positive way with the immense stage they have. Helping athletes understand their identity, see their platform as a positive opportunity, excel in their career, and create ideas on how they can give back; this is the ultimate vision for each athlete who works with Blazen Systems.

Her most prominent passion is helping women, the environment, food and water to third world countries, young entrepreneurs, and giving low-income individuals the opportunity to pursue an education or a career. For this reason, she rotationally donates 5% of each coaching program to one of these charities and helps her clients discover ways they wish to give back. 

Her unique coaching style enables athletes to gain self-efficiency, levels of intuition, consciousness, and understand their self-identity. Michelle offers a confidential, open, and supportive environment for the athlete to be comfortable talking about any situation. Her program helps athletes become well rounded, prepared for career transitions and instills a belief system intended for athletes to realize their greatness in and out of the game. 

Creating more stability, passion, mental clarity, and a bigger why; this builds more confidence in an athlete overall enabling them to perform at top level. With support in any area they may need assistance in she is available to her clients as much as they need. 

[Michelle Blasen is a former competitive soccer player until she endured a career-ending knee injury in college. She holds a life coaching certification through the Health Coach Institute which is an International Coaching Federation certified program, sports psychology certified, NASM personal trainer, is a 200-Hour registered yoga instructor and a 2017 NPC competitor. Michelle has 14 years of customer service experience and 6 years of training/coaching client-based work, particularly with entrepreneurs, post-college athletes, professional athletes, executives, and musicians]